Hakomi Counselling

HAKOMI is an experiential method of body-mind therapy which focuses on using a quiet state of mind called mindfulness for assisted self study.  It is an invitation to look deeply within and notice what arises without judgement.  Resting on the principles of non-violence, mindfulness and compassion, the Hakomi Method invites clients to study their reactions and ideas about the world around them.  This sheds light on how we shape our perceptions and ideas, which in turn influence our thinking, our choices and how we relate to others.

By bringing these parts of ourselves into awareness and studying them, we begin to see perhaps where we may have more choice in our life.  We begin to create space for emotional healing, and start to discover more freedom as we walk through life.  This beautiful process assists people to see beyond their “conditioning” and live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

The Hakomi Method was developed and refined by Ron Kurtz an American Psychologist, and is widely practiced and taught throughout the world.

“When you know how you are organizing your experience, you become free to organize it in new ways.” – Ron Kurtz, Hakomi Method originator