Pregnancy is a special time in a women’s life and one that should not be taken lightly health wise. Hormones are at record high levels; your body is pumping 50% more blood and energy is never guaranteed. These nine months take a toll on your body but are all worth it in the end. Chiropractic care during pregnancy does more than just alleviate the aches and pains that come along with carrying a child. Read on to see the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy and how chiropractic care works.

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

As your child grows, so does the stress and strain on your body. Walking, stretches and support bands are helpful for pain relief, but only provide temporary relief instead of a solution. Chiropractic care puts the spine back in alignment, which removes various pain points that were a result of the misalignment.  Now that your spine is functioning optimally, the rest of the body’s systems can follow suit. Not only will your back feel better, but you’ll also benefit from relief of other aches and pains and potentially from headaches as well.

If you’ve had a chiropractic adjustment before, you’ll know that a portion of the adjustment is done with you on your stomach. The adjustment itself is modified to safely accommodate you and your child and is very similar to the ones you’ve previously experienced. As with any chiropractic adjustment, at no point should it be painful or uncomfortable.

Postpartum and Chiropractic

After delivery, your primary focus will be on the beautiful child that you’ve brought into the world. Chiropractors warn new moms that they can’t neglect their own care.  Your OB, midwife, or doula will advise you on how to best care for yourself immediately after birth. A chiropractic adjustment is recommended as soon as possible after birth for both mother and baby. Mothers who followed a care plan from their chiropractor should discuss a follow-up care plan for addressing pain after birth. One day, you’re wonder woman, carrying another human that’s wiggling, growing and causing your body endless aches and pains. The next, you’re still worthy of the Wonder Woman title, but with your sidekick in your arms.

Birth is a traumatic experience for your child, and they may have had to contort and twist into positions that aren’t ideal. Even the smallest twist or turn can misalign a healthy spine. Many chiropractors have special training for adjusting newborns and advocate for adjusting an infant immediately after birth. Adjustments for newborns are gentle and relaxing and aren’t painful. Some studies show that adjustments can aid with colic and encourage healthy sleep patterns.

By continuing to get adjusted, you’re modeling a healthy lifestyle for your children. If health is a priority, they’ll follow suit and start making healthy choices for themselves. Chiropractic care paired with healthy eating and exercise is a wonderful way to live!

Reach out to a local chiropractor in your area and talk to them about your health, pregnancy and what you’re looking to get out of chiropractic care. A great doctor will listen carefully to your needs and propose a care plan that’s just right.