Chiropractic Care for Dancers

Dancers are typically very healthy individuals, and dancing is certainly an excellent form of exercise. Unfortunately, dancing can also place a lot of stress on the body. To treat injuries, avoid injuries, and stay in top form, dancers of all varieties should consider regular chiropractic care.

Growing Bodies

For many dancers, especially professional dancers, dancing is a life-long pursuit. Dancers often begin their training at a young age when their bodies are still growing. While this youthful start is necessary to acquire vital skills, children and teens who dance may put much stress on their growing bones, joints, and connective tissue.

Injuries in youth may affect growth plates and can have severe consequences that extend into later life. An injury that is serious enough may even end a dancer’s career. Fortunately, expert chiropractic care can help not only with injury treatment but also with injury prevention. A chiropractic evaluation, followed by recommended treatment, will aid in keeping dancers limber and injury-free.

Not Just Ballet

When many people think of dancers, they picture ballerinas. While it is certainly true that ballet puts incredible demands on the body, other types of dancers can also benefit from chiropractic care. These dancers include salsa dancers, belly dancers, school dance teams, and even gymnasts.

Foot Care and More

Of course, dancers’ feet often suffer from their activities. The feet require close inspection by a chiropractor and therapy to resolve injuries to soft tissue, muscles, and bone. But the feet are not alone. Dancers’ legs, knees, hips, neck, and spine also need care. Depending on the type of dance, the shoulders and arms may also require treatment.

What Type of Chiropractic Care do Dancers Need?

It is impossible to be very specific about the type of care a dancer needs as chiropractic treatment is based on the individual’s anatomy, condition, injuries, and activities. But in general, a dancer may require manual adjustments to any part of their body. A chiropractor performs these adjustments to eliminate small dislocations and bring the body back into proper alignment, promoting good blood flow and unimpeded nerve signal travel.

Additionally, a dancer may benefit from other treatment modalities like soft tissue therapy, heat and/or cold application, laser therapy, and therapeutic taping. Many chiropractors can also make expert recommendations regarding diet and nutrition and injury rehabilitation.

A professional chiropractor can also work in conjunction with a dancer’s coach, trainer, and medical team to make certain everyone is on the same page, striving to keep the dancer in optimal condition.