Chiropractic Treatment for Your Feet

It’s funny that many of us neglect our feet. After all, we depend on them constantly. Our feet support our body weight and absorb the impact from walking, running, and other activities. Still, the majority of us only pay attention to our feet’s health when a problem arises.

You should seek treatment at the first sign of foot pain or dysfunction. Discomfort or difficulty moving your feet normally could be a sign of injury, muscle fatigue, or even improper footwear. Fortunately, chiropractic medicine can often help with foot problems.

Foot Swelling

Have you ever spent a long day on your feet and noticed foot swelling that evening? Maybe you extended your daily jog by a kilometer or two, resulting in puffy feet and ankles hours later. Foot swelling is sometimes no big deal, simply a symptom of overuse.

However, foot swelling can also indicate serious medical conditions, including heart failure. These possibilities are why it is so important to have your foot swelling checked out. Your chiropractor will be able to tell you if your occasional or chronic foot swelling is just due to extra exercise or if the condition needs to be investigated by a physician or other specialist.

Foot or Ankle Pain

Everyone experiences foot or ankle pain at one time or another. Such pain may be caused by an identifiable injury, or it may come on gradually. Like foot swelling, foot or ankle pain may just be caused by overuse, or it could be a larger problem.

The good news is that chiropractic treatment offers many different modalities to address foot pain and ankle pain. Custom orthotics in the form of shoe inserts, braces, adjustments, and other non-invasive therapies can all relieve lower extremity pain and have you back on your feet again. Additionally, your chiropractor may recommend other treatments like massage, heat or cold therapy, and taping.

Restricted Motion

Restricted range of motion is never normal and may be a sign of a stress injury or acute injury. Again, chiropractic treatment can offer help with this problem. Let your chiropractor know if you’re having difficulty properly rotating your ankle or flexing and extending your foot. They can assist by making an accurate diagnosis and proceeding with the treatments mentioned above.

Many people mistakenly believe that chiropractors only treat the spine. While the spine is the gateway to the rest of the body, the truth is that chiropractic medicine can be beneficial to your total health – from your head to your toes.