Paige Barkowsky

Born and raised in Powell River, Paige is back in town after pursuing her education. Growing up, Paige played almost every sport the town had to offer; her biggest loves being swimming, basketball and soccer. After numerous sport related injuries, Paige put competitive sport on the back burner and focused on being a BC Soccer Official. She now enjoys strength training at the gym, and kayaking on our beautiful lakes!

Paige is newly graduated (2019) from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, with a Bachelor of Kinesiology. During her university years, she fell in love with human anatomy and physiology, and developed a strong passion for promoting public health and a healthy well-being for all. Like Dr. Chisholm, Paige participated in an exchange program at the University of Queensland, in Brisbane, Australia. From this experience, a love for world travel and exploring different cultures was sparked.

In the upcoming field of movement science, coined as Kinesiology, Paige is well versed to address acute illness and chronic disease; assess and rehabilitate injuries; and help clients reach personal health and fitness goals. Additionally certified to perform Laser Therapy, Paige is actively working to gain more certifications to continue broadening her education and bring modern techniques to her practice.

In addition to treatment and rehabilitation services, Paige wants to emphasize the importance of prevention and health promotion, by educating clients and ensuring the use of proper techniques. No matter your age or physical ability, Paige would love to work with you to restore or enhance function. With a hands-on approach, we can work together to achieve your health and fitness goals, and create an overall improved quality of life and wellbeing!