The breeze is silky smooth, the sun is beaming golden rays upon you… it’s summertime! Whether busting out hand-trowels, dusting off hiking boots, or servicing the car, you’ve likely experienced an injury on this list. What happens before (or after) your activity can determine if you get injured, or the recovery time.

Let’s explore some common summertime injuries and how you can talk to your chiropractor about avoid (or tackling) these common injuries.

Digging, carrying heavy items (fertilizer), and constantly transitioning from standing to kneeling takes a toll on your lower back. What only feels “a little sore” today can turn into “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” tomorrow. While not an extreme sport, you can get injured doing yardwork.

Pre-Planning: Ask your chiropractor the best ways you can be ready to prepare for yardwork days.

If you get are injured, don’t try to “tough it out.” There’s nothing to be ashamed of! You were subduing nature, after all. In a case like this, take immediate action and remember R-I-C-E:

R: Rest

I: Ice

C: Compression

E: Elevation

… and then give us a call to book in an immediate appointment to have your injury looked at, and an appropriate care plan created.

You’re hiking in the mountains and see beautiful birds in a tree, an epic sunset, or a grandiose mountain range. What else do you do but look up at it… again, and again. You may even hear something that makes you snap your head in the direction of the sound. It’s wonderful to enjoy nature, but what do unprepared spines and aching neck muscles say?

Pre-Planning: Ask your chiropractor what stretches or hiking gear could help you stay injury free on the trails.

If you get injured far from home, you may not be able to quickly get the relief you need. Thoroughly prepare your plans before lacing up your boots! You can include pre-frozen ice packs and massage them on your neck and shoulders, remembering to leave on for a few minutes and then remove for a few more. Repeat this cycle until the swelling goes down.

Music beams from stereo as you lay under the car on the cool garage floor. You’ve wrestled with a stuck oil plug for a while. Finally, powerfully yanking on the wrench, it comes loose! Your now tensionless arm jerks down, bringing your torso in the same direction. You feel a sharp pain in your lower back, radiating down to the back of your leg. Ow!

Pre-Planning: Ask your chiropractor whether you might be at risk of certain injuries related to the movements you’ll be making.

If you get injured while under the hood, get checked out! You didn’t plan to get hurt, so you can’t predict if it will happen again… in the same place!

R.I.C.E. works perfectly here as well. Take a break from your task, rest and elevate, and contact us to schedule an appointment for us to see what is actually happening under the surface and how we can help get you back to good and under the hood again in no time.

Have you ever considered how helpful your chiropractor can be to keep your summer running smoothly? It’s never too late to book an appointment, before or after an injury.