How Your Wallet Can Contribute to Back Pain

The phrase “watch your wallet” almost always refers to finances or money management. However, your physical wallet could also be causing your back pain. How so? If you keep your wallet in your back pocket and sit on it for hours at a time, you could be risking your spinal health and headed towards low back pain.

Many guys and some women carry their wallets in the back pocket of their jeans or trousers. This arrangement is fine when you are up and about. But if you’re sitting at your desk or on a long road trip, even the thinnest wallet can negatively affect your posture.

How Can Your Wallet Hurt You?

When you sit on a wallet in your back pocket, you’re sitting with one hip higher than the other. This unevenness can lead to misalignment of your pelvis and spine over time. Your wallet can also compress nerves in your buttocks or the backs of your thighs, particularly if you have a thick wallet. Coupled with potential soft tissue injury, you can see that sitting on your wallet may cause a host of problems.

Women who carry purses are not immune to issues either. Lugging around a heavy purse all day puts a huge strain on your shoulder, and may cause your shoulders to become uneven. This constant strain may lead to both upper and lower back pain, not to mention shoulder pain.

What Can You Do About the Problem?

Of course, there is an obvious way to prevent the problem of pain caused by sitting on a wallet. Simply carry your wallet elsewhere. Both a front trouser pocket and the pocket of a suit jacket are good options. You may be worried about losing your wallet at first, but placing your wallet in an alternative pocket will soon become a habit.

If you carry a purse, try to limit its contents to the essentials. Avoid putting heavy items in your purse and store them elsewhere, like in your car or desk. Your back and shoulders will thank you for the change.

Chiropractic Treatment for Misalignments

Chiropractic treatment is an excellent course to take if you are suffering from back pain of any sort, whether or not your pain was caused by a wallet or purse. Your chiropractor can perform adjustments to correct tiny misalignments in your spine, and they can also help with an uneven pelvis or shoulders. Furthermore, your chiropractor will be able to recommend helpful exercises to decrease back pain and give you tips for appropriate posture to prevent future problems.