Kinesiology is the study of human movement, applying the science of various fields such as anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, psychology, neuroscience and public health. Human movement specialists focus on the prevention and rehabilitation of injury, as well as lifestyle diseases and the enhancement of human performance, whether at work or in sport.
What can a Kinesiologist do for you?
  • prevention and management of common serious chronic medical conditions (such as diabetes and heart disease)
  • reduce your return-to-work time after an on-job injury
  • aid in rehabilitation after a motor vehicle accident
  • decrease limited mobility due to accident, illness, injury, or aging
  • help that nagging pain that just won’t go away
  • focus on previous injury that you didn’t quite recover from
  • increase your fitness!
Kinesiologists work with a wide variety of people:
  • students
  • adults
  • seniors
  • pre & post natal
  • athletes
  • children
  • people with or without injuries/symptoms
You can find kinesiologists working in many different settings:
  • rehabilitation clinics
  • hospitals
  • community living centres
  • sport, fitness & recreation centres
  • colleges & universities
  • research
  • insurance companies
During your initial visit with our BCAK/CKA Registered Kinesiologist, Paige Barkowsky, you will be assessed through a series of questions pertaining to your wellbeing and daily life activities, as well as various functional movement screens. Paige will then set out to prepare an individualized active rehabilitation program that targets your weakness and areas in need of improvement!
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