Office Hours

**TELEHEALTH SERVICES HAVE BEEN APPROVED BY MSP AND ICBC FOR CHIRO CONSULTS, ADVICE, AND EXERCISE PLANS OVER THE PHONE OR SECURE VIDEO PLATFORM.** Telehealth services are available at a rate of $15/5 minutes to a maximum of $45. Some extended health providers may cover telehealth visits, they are all likely to in the coming days so check with your coverage provider for updates.


AT THIS TIME WE ARE ONLY ABLE TO ACCEPT URGENT OR ACUTE PAIN PATIENTS. Dr. Bonnie Henry has been clear with her definition of what constitutes urgent or acute pain and the measures that health care providers must take if choosing to see patients in their office. Please see the link for the updated letter from Dr. Henry.

If you are in acute pain and require care, please contact Dr. Chisholm ( or Dr. LeBlanc ( directly to arrange an appointment.

Temporarily Closed

Please note OUR OFFICE IS CURRENTLY CLOSED due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We are monitoring the situation closely and hope to reopen as soon as possible.

Online booking has been disabled until April 3rd. Please email your practitioner directly to book or leave a voicemail at 604-414-7815.