2020 is coming to a close. For many people, this is a sigh of relief kind of moment. For others, this year was an opportunity to pivot. A lot has happened this year, which means some things may have been sidelined – including skeletal health.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite tips from the blog this year! Did you catch all of these? But, more importantly, have you scheduled your end-of-year chiropractic appointment to capitalize on any unused health insurance benefits? Check-in with us and your provider to make sure you know the deadlines.

April 15, 2020 – Staying Healthy During the Pandemic


Just because you can’t visit the gym doesn’t mean you can’t get great exercise. A huge variety of workout instruction programmes are available on television and the internet. Many of these programmes require no special equipment and can be enjoyed by anyone.

Also, remember that the quarantine does not prohibit you from going outdoors for exercise. Enjoy the spring weather by bicycling, running, walking, or participating in other activities. Team sports are – unfortunately – out, and you will always need to maintain at least two metres distance from other people. Still, there are plenty of opportunities for indoor and outdoor exercise even now.

June 30, 2020 – How Many Of These Summer Injuries Have You Had?


Music beams from stereo as you lay under the car on the cool garage floor. You’ve wrestled with a stuck oil plug for a while. Finally, powerfully yanking on the wrench, it comes loose! Your now tensionless arm jerks down, bringing your torso in the same direction. You feel a sharp pain in your lower back, radiating down to the back of your leg. Ow!

Pre-Planning: Ask your chiropractor whether you might be at risk of certain injuries related to the movements you’ll be making.

If you get injured while under the hood, get checked out! You didn’t plan to get hurt, so you can’t predict if it will happen again… in the same place!

Do you have anything you’d like us to blog about next year? Or, would you like to schedule a final appointment of 2020? Let’s send this year the right way!